Green Acreages Guide Workbook - RE-STOCKED

Green Acreages Guide Workbook - RE-STOCKED

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The Green Acreages Guide resources were developed especially for acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners, to help them develop and implement stewardship practices that conserve and protect the valuable natural assets, such as air, land, water, wildlife, associated with their properties.

The Green Acreages Guide Workbook takes stewardship to the next level. This self-directed Workbook is organized into chapters; each chapter begins with an overview of an issue and background information, includes relevant legislation, offers examples of beneficial management practices and provides sources of additional information. At the end of each module, worksheets allow acreage owners to evaluate how they manage their property.

Use this resource to make the most of your rural property and protect your investment.

Copyright 2024 Land Stewardship Centre
10" x 11.5" x 2 hardcover binder 183 pages
ISBN 978-0-9811877-2-3